March 30th, 2004



i love that there are people out there who "hate" me, yet can't wait for me to unlock my "friends only" entries so they can read them. and i love that they get hurt by what i say about them.

i don't really love that they hurt. but i love that, no matter how many times they say they don't care about me, what i have to say about them hits home. and you know why it does? because i'm right.

you are selfish.
you are immature.
you are lazy.
you are a liar.

i never tried to hurt anyone. i just told the truth. but they can't get enough of trying to bring me down. too bad for them, now that i've dropped all of their dead weight, i'm the happiest i've been in years. they can't hurt me because nothing they say means anything.

if they said i was selfish, i'd be a better friend. if they said i was immature, i'd take responsibility. if they said i was lazy, i'd get to work. if they said i was a liar, i'd tell the truth.

but when they say i'm a "fucking donkey slut," i just laugh.

obviously, they're not in any position to tell me how to live my life. and you know what? i don't need them to anyway. i don't know how it happened, but i'm finally 100% certain about the path of my life.

it's so weird to me, that after years of indifference and indecision, i should suddenly just know what i want and how to get it. i'm glad i do though. it is such a great burden off my shoulders. and, now that i can see where i want to go, i can also see which people (and things) are going to support my efforts and which one are going to hold me back. i no longer feel the need to be attached to everyone i've ever met, because i've finally realized that what i want is so much more important than what some selfish user wants to get from me.
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what's so hard to understand?

if you want me to go away
if you want me to fuck off
stay out of my life
stop reading my journal
stop following me around

it's that simple

but if you want to keep this up
you know where to find me

i enjoy your roles in my life now
it doesn't bother me at all

EDIT: or better yet, why not just stop being such horrible people?
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return of miss hostility

i can't believe i found this! for those of you who have never seen it, this is a parody i wrote of CJ's journal entry about her winning the title of miss congeniality in the 4H pageant or some shit.

i'd like to write more parodies of more people's stupid journal entries...

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good friends

i love that i have friends who can listen to me complain and will then offer honest, objective advice.

i love that when they point out my mistakes, i can learn from them instead of feeling being embarrassed about them or being offended by being called out.

i love that i can tell my friends when they're doing something wrong and take it as constructive criticism not personal attack.

i love people that understand and feel the need for constant self-improvement.


edit: i also love that, when i write these things about my friends, people who aren't my friends want to think i'm taking a stab at them. i'm really not. i'm over it. they're hopeless.
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