March 26th, 2004


dream reminders

i had three of the weirdest dreams i've ever had in my life. then i dreamed that i told everyone about them already. i've already forgotten one. hopefully, i'll remember the others when i get back from orientaion.

oh fuck now i've forgetten two.

no wait...

remember: moulin rouge, high school, milla jovovich, whales, box cutters, ice cream cones, cell phone, hey mickey, calling in to work
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more dreams, less remembered

( moulin rouge )

basically, just me and probably some people i know dancing in those frilly skirts and fishnet pantyhose to the tune of lady marmalade. there was probably more to it, but it's gone now...

( orientation )

i dreamed that i woke up three minutes before my scheduled orientation at fedex. so, i was trying to call them on my cell phone and let them know i was running late. at first i was all sleepy and couldn't press the right buttons. then i was pressing the right buttons but the wrong numbers showed up on the screen.

i find it interesting that i actually knew the right number to call in my dream.

anyway i woke up right after the dream and there was something weird about it. like i felt like i were screaming or suffocating or something. i hate that feeling.

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i forget where the box cutters and ice cream cones came into play.
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point & click interface


i'm considering a comeback for everyone's favorite 'zine.

what do you think?


and if you don't know what XiNE is, say so--because that's an automatic y!
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