March 25th, 2004

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pipe dreams

i miss color guard in this deeply heartbreaking sort of way.

i miss the people, the challenge, the success, the activity.


i really wish i'd been good (or confident) enough to teach it after high school.
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word count

apparently, i generally don't talk about anything at all
and i talk about myself at least twice as much as i talk about others

vaguely interesting..

i202 just41 out25
to142 don't41 this25
you122 was40 on25
the113 i'm40 they25
and107 not38 we24
it80 my38 do23
shak3well74 so37 she23
a68 is36 or22
that63 be35 amber22
me52 about33 no21
pooperinbutt52 all32 want20
in49 are28 he20
kittymcpoops47 up27 go20
of44 with27 at20
for43 have26 more19
but42 like25 know19
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