March 24th, 2004

ice princess

kilroy's sports bar

so vialet (kat), chuwie and i have claimed kilroy's sports bar as our home away from home lately. i can't believe that the only bar i visit on a regular basis is a fucking sports bar, but they do have the best long island iced teas i've ever tasted in my life. (thumbs up to tie-dye, watermelon and original. thumbs down to raspberry.)

last weekend, spooge and banjo also accompanied us out. boy, what a mess. i won't discuss all the drama here, the best part was getting kicked out!

see, chuwie and i were sitting in our booth and he was just telling me that he was ready to go home and pass out when up walks a bouncer who says to chuwie, "hey, buddy, it's your lucky day! time for you to go home." cute. real cute. another bouncer walks up, and this one is mexican. now if he was speaking english (and i don't think he was) you wouldn't recognize it under his heavy accent. so this mexican is trying to tell chuwie to leave and chuwie's trying to ask if he can go to the bathroom first. "no, no" the mexican says sternly. and then chuwie asks, "well would you rather i just go outside and piss all over your front door?" the mexican looks confused. so chuwie turns to the other guy and says, "look, i don't think your friend here speaks english. can i go to the damn bathroom first?"

eventually, they let him go but both bouncers wait for him right outside the door. i have no idea why.

so it's about this time that we realize stewbot is asleep and will not be picking us up after all. we tried calling ashley, but either he didn't answer or kat was too drunk to use my phone. so we call a cab and the boys go get some rocket's pizza while we wait.

good times. i still don't understand why we got kicked out, but i like being able to say that i have been kicked out of a bar. rocket's pizza was pretty good, but it was murder on my drunken tummy. the cab ride was fun too. it was only my third time in a taxi and it was my first time with five passengers. whheee!!!
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ivories in the evenings

so i had dinner with my parents and my cousin sadie tonight. it was just pizza but it was good. and i really enjoyed the company.

i'm glad that my dad can talk to me about things that bother him at work. i generally don't understand much of what he tells me about but i can tell he feels better having gotten it off his chest.

and i'm really glad that i can talk to him about my life. i don't know if he thinks the same way that i do about things, but i do know that he understands how i think about them. and it's not even that i need to get advice from him, i just need to say things out loud and admit them to myself. affirm them. make them real.

i really like that i know what i want from life.

and i know that nothing that i want is out of my reach. what a great feeling...


anyway, i played a little piano while i was up in carmel. strangely enough, i wasn't even shy about playing in front of anyone. i wasn't any better or worse than the last time i played and i can't even remember when that was. it just felt so good to play again. i'd been wanting each of the last few times i visited, but the timing wasn't right.

my dad says i should come up everyday and practice before he gets home from work. it's tempting, but i hate that drive. i can't wait until i can have that piano in my own house.

i'm so happy that it's mine.

i'll be so excited to give it to my daughter someday.
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