March 17th, 2004



people say they are over it.

they are better than that.

they don't want drama.

they have matured.

and then they spam you on aim about hand holding and ass fucking.

congratulations, kids. you must be so proud of yourselves.

i'm not sad at all about getting out of that little group. in fact, i'm pretty happy. i never thought they could get worse than the already were, but they just keep surprising me.

thanks for the laughs, ladies.
ice princess

lucky jamie

i'll bet you love having the chance to do this with amber
instead of having her do it to you again.

just giver her time.
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for those days when i need a good laugh

ahh... so amber and jamie had a play date today and harassed me on aim for quite some time. i doubt this will be funny for many other people, but i just wanted to have something to look back on when i need a laugh.

i mean, hello! are we 12?

seriously, though, thanks for the laughs.

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