March 10th, 2004


constant source of amusement

LJ drama

i didn't even say anything about how fast i personally thought people should drive. i'm sure she meant something else entirely, but since she is such a good writer her message was miscommunicated.

while were on the subject, here is another example of stupidity at its finiest.

while i do hope that i will find the right guy, get married and have a family. jess seems to be under the impression that i wish i were an unwed teenage mom living in my boyfriend's parents' garage. she also seems to think that i want ben to be that guy. now i do love ben, but no. just no. for so many reasons, no. not him.

i was thinking today about how sad it will be when ayden and baby #2 grow up and have to take their birth certificates to school for something. father - ben lock. mother - jessica bladen. hmmm... but mommy's last name will be lock by then. "ohhhhhh.... so i was an accident!" they'll realize. awesome!

poor kids.
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the curse of oak island

i just read this neat article in rolling stone (issue 940, january 22, 2004) about this monstrous 200-year treasure hunt on this island in nova scotia. there are all these intricate booby traps and secret markings all over the island. people theorize that the treasure maybe be pirate or spanish gold, the holy fucking grail or proof that francis bacon wrote shakespeare's plays!

i'm tempted to reserach more about it, but apparently a lot of people get obsessed with this place, losing their fortunes, minds and even lives.

still, cool stuff.

i'm TL to look for good websites about the place. a cursory glance showed this to be the best looking. there are plenty more out there, with great paint illustrations to go with them. =)

so, if you're bored, look into it.
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