March 9th, 2004


so this is giftmas

i got my giftmas present from stewbot last weekend. it was actually just too fucking fabulous.

speacial thanks to his grandma for hookin' it up.

i'll post pics soon (and by soon, i mean eventually). until then, it shall remain a mystery.

**EDIT** amusing quote.

brasko: did stew's grandma give you a vibrator?
swell: lol no
brasko: hmmm ok...i'll keep thinking about it then
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tax man

i am two staples, two postage stamps and a walk to the mailbox away from being $1029 richer. god! i love getting all my taxes back. it's like free money.

the final disbursement of my student loan is on its way in too. that's like mostly free money!

bleh. i had more to say, but i'm too damn cold to think. what happened to all that lovely weather?! i am outraged.
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ice princess

red, red wine

last night i was talking to rob cooper on icq about wines. i haven't actually found a wine that i genuinely like yet, but i am hoping that i will someday. i try wine whenever they offer it at restaurants and i'd like to make it out to the winery someday.

anyway, the point is, after talking about how i only like sweet, red wines so far, i had a dream about it. the dream was classic amanda too.

i was with my mom at the wal-mart in madison and she was buying $1100 worth of red wine. she just kept pulling bottles out of the cart--kind of like how in cartoons people eat and eat and eat but the food stays on their plates. and the bottles were only 12 oz. i'm pretty sure they were just arbor mist and boone's farm, which is just hilarious.

oh yeah, and we were buying wine because princess di was waiting back at the house.

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