February 18th, 2004


truth is subjective

so here it is. i don't even care anymore. before anyone else decides to tell any more lies.

the truth? i was keri's accomplice. i never siad i wastn'. i admitted it to amber. but it wasn't my idea, i didn't start it and i didn't actually send the messages to jess. keri is a big girl who made her own decision, knowing full well what drama would ensue

did i ever talk shit about jess? i sure did. i hated her when she first came around. my friends had a lot of terrible things to say about her and i didn't trust her. but i was nice to her, because ben cared about her and i care about ben. so i was a good fucking friend to her. and she was nice enough to me. she swore we were friends when i left for kansas, but didn't feel the need to tell me jo3 had cheated on me. so do i resent that? i sure do. and i'll never trust her. but i do think she has changed. and i'm happy for her and ben. i'll probably never really trust her, but i do think she's becoming a better person. so, good for her

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