February 17th, 2004


remember when...?

i can remember a time when jo3 would complain non-stop about the disgusting living habits of his roommates. he couldn't fathom how they could just let garbage overflow out of the can. he was so annoyed that they would leave dishes in the sink for weeks rather than run the dishwasher. he was boggled as to how they could leave bags of trash sitting by the door instead of carrying them out when they left.

but those days are gone. now jo3 has become a lazy piece of shit just like those guys. i remember when he promised he'd go back to his clean freak ways as soon as we got the new apartment. of course, he made a lot of promises about that time--all lies.

last week i spent a day cleaning the bathroom from ceiling to floor. afterwards, jo3 complimented how nice it looked. too bad he didn't feel the need to hold up his end of our agreement and clean the kitchen like he was supposed to. well, he did fill up the dishwasher, but he didn't run it. so it really wasn't much help.

i've never understood how people could live like that, surrounded by filth. if you clean up after yourself every day, it's never a big project to clean. even if you wait, it's not that bad. i mean, i cleaned up the crackhouse in a day--and that included the damn basement.

anyway, i'm just finding more and more things to hate about jo3 everyday, and it's pretty sad, pathetic really. i wish that i didn't have to live with him and witness his de-evolution everyday. i'd like to think this entry would give him the wake up call he needs, but we all know it won't.
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it's funny how your friends start out mutually hating your enemies just because they you're their friend but they almost always end up befriending your enemies in the end.

did that make any sense? probably not. but i still know what i mean.
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