January 28th, 2004


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i wish that i could take back
everything i ever gave you

i hate to see you using them
while i stand here empty handed
and broken hearted
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i seriously don't understand
how one little phone call
is grounds for dismissing a 3 year friendship

i even apologized

i wanted to understand
so i could avoid the same mistakes
so i could mend bridges

but she doesn't think i'm worth it

i guess i misunderstand people
on a daily basis

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turn your fucking phone off!

you've sent me 20 blank text messages in the last hour! those things cost me money, so cut it out!
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    text message alert

not that christmas is about getting gifts or anything

but i still haven't gotten my presents from
my best friend in indy
(something tells me i'll never get those
since we're not even friends now)
my best friend from high school
(i'm pretty sure i lost those
when i told her i thought she was an alocoholic)
and my boyfriend
(but it turns out he buys me lots of drugs
so that makes up for it)
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new years resolutions

so i never got around to making resolutions this year
and i guess technically i still haven't
but i now have goals!
(and these goals consist of things to purchase)
they are:

>>a new komputar
big sexy box
dvd drive
cd burner that works
flat panel monitar
bitchin' ass surround sound system (with subWOOFer)

>>new kizzar
tinted windowz
killer stereo
4 doors

i am constantly amazed by the things i want from life.


i think i'll also resolve to stop letting myself get used by people. to stay away from people who hurt me and get closer to people who love me.
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