January 12th, 2004

ice princess

attention students

today is my first day of classes
couldn't really sleep very well last night
i hate sleeping alone
but i woke up with time to spare
i'm even eating breakfast
and i don't feel like total shit
so i think today will be a good day

but i'm sure i'll change my mind after physics!
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the dating game

"she's a good person"
too bad you're not.

so i know i shouldn't have said it, but i did. and i do mean it, so i shouldn't feel bad about it.

it's really funny watching them court eachother. i wonder if i seem so pathetic, so young. the giggles, the lines (you==rad), it all seems so familiar. just now, i realized, it's all lines with him. and i fell for them hook, line and sinker.

i wonder if it's all lines with everybody....

it's never a line with me. i only speak the truth. sure, it would be great (in a sense) to be able to manipulate people's feelings to get things i want, but that would make me such a horrible person. besides, i don't want things; i want love. i thought i had it, but, boy, was i wrong.

eh, anyway...

i should do some homework or make some phone calls or do something somewhat productive. idleness is the devil's plaything.

speaking of which, i guess there's just not enough time in the world to wash a load of dishes when you're unemployed and on vacation from school. sheesh! i suppose chai tea and cigarettes take a lot out of a man.
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fag pack

the sad thing is
i don't think you say
"he's cute"
to get on my nerves

i think
you mean it

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