December 29th, 2003



i like that people have adopted the term giftmas.

i like that people act (or are) surprised when i get them the one thing they asked me to get them for giftmas.

i love that i could afford to buy presents for all my close friends and family.

i hate that i couldn't think of what to get my parents.

i will never share the cost of large presents with anyone again unless someone else wants to front the initial cash or put it on their credit card.

from now on, i will buy parties supplies whenever the opportunity arises--not at the last minute.

so christmas was mostly fabulous. good people. good presents. good times. the rest of break is going well, too. i am definitely enjoying my time off. but i think i'm getting a little too used to it.

well, i'm really not in the mood to write these days. so that's all for now.
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    Benny Benassi - Able To Love