December 16th, 2003

ice princess


so i finally finished putting up the rope lights in my room. it only took me 6 months. like and idiot, though, i started in the wrong place. so, they don't reach the outlet attached to the switch in my room. thank you, lack of foresight. this brings me to the real point of this update, my NEW and IMPROVED giftmas list. you can find my old one on my fusion site.

>>rope lights, white, 12'
>>a webcam!
>>a clipboard, preferably with a big fat rubber band to hold my papers down (and not one of those goofy plastic ones that has a calculator and opens up)
>>a pocket calculator, the smaller the better
>>pens, no lids (the fewer pieces the better), with the clip type thing so i can hook them to my pocket
>>an expandable folio(?) thing (eli has one, it's like hanging file folders for your back pack)
>>polo shirts, cute but not expensive, dark colors
>>thick white socks

isn't it lame that 90% of my giftmas lists are things i want or need for work? yes, so lame.
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