September 18th, 2003


the dead shall walk again [melo]

i should write more often. sorry.

life is busy. but good.

school is in full swing now. i almost withdrew last week. it all just seems so pointless. i'm not actually learning anything. i'm 80 million times smarter than the majority of my classmates. but this is just the way the world works. i have to pay $30,000 for a piece of paper officiating my knowledge.

i've been thinking a lot about politics lately. not just in the governmental sense either. the politics of people, relationships, jobs. the politics of society as a whole i guess.

i don't like the way this world works. and i want to change it. but there are so many problems; i can't possibly fix them all. how do i choose just one to focus on? if i fix only it will i have been a success? and if i fail...

i think my generation is plagued by too many choices in life. all these options leave me confused and unable to decide on any one course of action. it's pathetic. i sometimes wonder if i will ever accomplish anything in life.

speaking of which, i have recently decided that i do want to have children--and the sooner the better. so, i'm on the hunt for a family-minded man. if you're interested, or know someone who is, hit me up.