May 27th, 2003

ice princess


so i got to watch the indy 500 on tape. thankfully, i managed not to find out who the winner was beforehand. my mom tried to play a joke on me, though. she said, "didn't the winner have a last name that started with P or something?" i almost cried. "i... i... don't know who won." then she just laughed at me. the jerk!

it was a pretty good race. poor sarah fisher went out early AGAIN! andretti went out too, so he missed his chance at winning before he retired. damn that andretti luck! there were a few good crashes, but not a lot. i guess that's a good thing, but it made for a less exciting race. what was exciting was that helio had a chance at his hat trick (an unprecedented feat at the 500 (especially for a driver's first three 500 races)). he was in second for the last ten laps or something and his teammate de Ferran was in first. i don't think he really made a move for first ever, but still he had a chance.

all in all it was a good race. i'd much rather watch it in person, though. so next year i am definitely going again. if anybody wants to come with, that would be awesome. i ain't even tryin' to go alone!
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