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posted: notice [a. k. a. cold steel on old scars]

that's it. you're all evicted from my life. every last fucking one of you.

i'm going to the xmas party because it was my idea and it would be rude not to show. then i'm done.

i'm leaving the comments option on until the 18th (deadline for clue) and then i'll turn it off.

it's my journal and i'll continue writing about any aspect of my life that i damn well please for as long as i feel like communicating my thoughts to the world. if you're not interested in hearing what i have to say, i suggest you stop reading this week because you'll no longer be afforded the opportunity to protest directly to me.

i'll cut the cable next month.

in life, you make your own rules. but, somehow, i still can't win.

thank you all so much for this terrible push.
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