October 4th, 2002


what's with today, today? [melo]

today is a bad day. but it's just one more day in a series of bad and progressively worse days. in an effort to make it worse, i skipped my classes today. i laid in bed for no good reason at all, and thought about how awful life is sometimes.

i want to cut something. me. but i can't. my parents are coming out today, and i just don't have the energy to talk to them about that again.

i want to go home. i'm a quitter. everyone knows that. so let's all stop pretending that i'm being productive out here, and just let me give up already.

i am not in control of my life.

the humpty dance is your chance to do the hump [melo]

if i don't get some action soon, i seriously think i'm going to explode.

that reminds me. my friend beth's boyfriend went off to college when she was a senior in high school. after a few days she said to me, "i think a part of me is dying, amanda."

i chuckled to myself and tought, "i wonder which part, slut."

but, sadly, now i know her pain.