July 14th, 2002


as falls wichita so falls wichita falls [melo]

so they sent me the name of my roomate today:


should be interesting. they didn't send me her goddamn phone number, though. my school is run by fucking retards i swear.

speaking of which, if i ever meet my academic advisor (sharina langley) i'm going to give her a piece of my mind! not only did she dick me around for 6 hours while she skipped my counselling appointment, but she also told me a bunch of misinformation. she told me i couldn't test out of college algebra - i can. she told me i couldn't take calculus - but i meet the prerequisite requirements. and she didn't even mention that i could be in honors classes - and i totally have the scores for it. stupid cunt.

i better meet some cool fucking people out there, or my entire freshman year is going to be a boring and annoying waste of time.