March 2nd, 2002


happy eviction you lousy motherfuckers

goddamn cocksucking motherfuckers
crackhouse eviction notice
three grand
in the hole
i was just getting comfortable
now i gotta move again
it's probably for the best
i wouldn't be able to afford rent
once chuwie moved out
christ all-mighty though
i don't need this shit
i'm just trying to keep it real

i guess i'll be moving in with kat
she's got webernet
and laser discs!
and a washing machine
so really
it's all for the best
oh yeah
and kat's a pretty cool cat to boot

all these kids who said
"we'll keep in touch"
"i'll never forget you"
don't talk to me anymore
that sucks
i suppose it was inevitable though
or i deserve it
i dunno really
it still sucks

i'm not going to dwell on it though
cuz that's boring for you
and bad for me

so peace out kids
hope you're all enjoying life
god knows i am
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