January 27th, 2002


i miss having the interweb at my fingertips

it's been a while
get over it
in a few minutes
my brother will come in
and tell me i'm a loser
for having a livejournal
goddamn i hate people sometimes
i have a headache
[--------------------this big----------------------]
bigger maybe
i wanted to go home
but EVERYone wanted to hangout
so i said
and told them we'd make t-shirts
much excitement and happiness was expressed
of course
they must have all died on the way over
cuz here i am
pissed the fuck off
and no one else is around
i think i'm going to spend some money
on a new keyboard today
so then i can have interweb at home
and i won't need to hang out where i don't want to be
just so i can update about shit no one cares about
speaking of which
i'm going to go home
oh wait
one last thing
send me some goddamn email
i talk to no one anymore
it's very sad
or pathetic
mostly pathetic

peace groovy
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    pissed off