January 19th, 2002


money makes the world go 'round

i'm moving to bloomington
living at the crackhouse
gonna work two jobs
pay back my dad
since theres so much
"no pressure, really"
gonna save all the rest
which should be easy really
since i won't have time for fun

life certainly is a bitch sometimes
i really like how all my plans fall through
and all my friends let me down
what's really cool though
is all this goddamn drama
people need to get the fuck over shit

so this entry kinda sucks
now you know why i stopped writing them
hmmm but if you're in bloomington
and wanna hang out
or sell plasma with me
you're more than welcome
and if you're somewhere else
you're shit out of luck
stepping out

for ever and never

you thought
she only had two days
and i had forever
you couldn't have been more wrong

i thought
i was helping you
and you were helping me
you couldn't have hurt me more if you tried

you thought
she was the end of us
but what she really was
was the beginning of you and me

i thought
i knew love
and i knew you
but you proved me so wrong