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cold, depressed ramblings

accuweather tells me it's 27F right now. by god, it's almost twice that here in my apartment. awesome.

took my japanese final this morning. got an A i'm sure, but not an A+. i can't say i really give a shit.

have no idea when my programming final is tomorrow. i've got a lot of catching up to do for that class, but i can't say i care much about that either. it'll be fine.

need to pick up my materials from logic, but i probably won't. whatever.
edit: jo3 picked up my stuff for me, but my prof didn't even give me the papers i requested. sweet.

you know, i had a really awesome weekend, but i plummetted down from that high just from reading one stupid email. apparently, i not only piss people off by doing the things i do, i also piss them off by not doing things too.

you'll notice this is a lose-lose situation for me.

maybe it's not "you can't please all the people all the time." it's really "you can't please anyone ever."

and somehow i thought that the people that have been through this with me and been through it themselves would know better than to do it. but i guess when you're hurting, it feels good to hurt back.

laugh it up, stewbot.

i wish i had the guts to do it. i'd call you first, instead of an ambulance. then amber and jess. phil, ben, keri and joe. i'd let you all know you beat me. and you could rejoice in that forever since you loved doing it so much.

just what you needed from me. funny, i don't remember putting this on my christmas list. but, that's right. what's ok for you, isn't ok for me. how could i forget?


there are no guarantees in life.
but no one is perfect.

if you want me, i will [probably] reject you.
if you need me, i will [probably] abandon you.
if you love me, i will [probably] break your heart.
if you trust me, i will [probably] betray you.
if you depend on me, i will [probably] disappoint you.

don't ever say i didn't warn you.

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