December 28th, 2001

broken wings

remember when

remember back when you were a kid
and the only things you worried about
were saturday morning cartoons
and whether or not to get sprinkles
on your ice cream sundae?

when changing friends
was like changing socks?
you did it almost everday,
and it probably mattered less.

when d.a.r.e. came to you school
and you learned about drugs for the first time?

when, after all that time and work,
you finally won first place
and your parents bought you ice cream
to celebrate?

when your dad said good job
and your mom said i love you?

i don't.
but i've got a lifetime of memories to forget.

:::new year's resolutions:::

- drink often and heavily
- stop telling people what i think
- start telling people what i know they want to hear
- lose 23 pounds
- eat once a day
- stop buying presents for people who don't talk to me anymore
- get a job
- tell my parents i'm never going to go to school
- move out of my parents' house
- stop telling people when i cut myeslf
- start running again
- learn to act happy so people won't be so 'concerned'
- limit the time i spend on-line
- give up on love
- pay back the money i owe my parents and brother
- stop wearing my seatbelt
- try one last time to tell him i'm sorry
- do all the drugs i swore i'd never do
- stop making web pages & on-line journals
- stop stalking people
- let go of the past