November 14th, 2001

reach for the sky

good 'til the first drop

why can't coffee taste as good as it smells?
i mean, to be honest, i don't even like coffee.
i drink milk and sugar with some coffee in it
- and that's still not so great -
but the goddamn coffee aisle at marsh
is to die for!
i took some nice deep breaths
as i walked past
and then i threw that shit in reverse
so i could bask in that glorious aroma again

i tried to eat a bean
like my brother used to do
but it was fucking sick to the max
so i spit it out onto the floor
and kept on walking

i didn't buy any coffee
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well it was a bitch and a half, but i finally got some new pics up here. they're not amazingly hot or anything, but i'm happy with them. i decided that not having my face in them was really the best way to go. i'm sure you'd all agree.

i'll tell you what though, LJ was all about not making it wasy for me to post them! it kept switching back to my old set. what a pain!

you know what i do like about LJ, though? when it won't pull up a page and it says something along the line of, "so-and-so has screwed up their something-or-other." i'm just amused that it says "screwed up."

yeah, i'm lame. i know.
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