October 28th, 2001


how fitting

i had a great weekend
up until today
i was all set to tell you about it
but badrew's goddamn comment
pretty much ruined my day
thanks badrew
i was getting too used
to being happy

i came home
my dad has an ulcer
i'm scared
it's not for certain
he "may" have an ulcer
i think
that's even scarier

lj is being a totally bitch
i wanted to put up my new pics
but i keep getting "invalid username"
it was valid enough
when i deleted my old pics
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fast as you can

i've decided i'm going to fast.
not too fast.
to fast.
i'm not going to eat.
at least until something happens
- overlord tells me why he hates me
- my parents commit me or force me to eat
- i starve to death

i think we're all on the same page here
hoping i have the tenacity
to stick it out

i know he won't talk to me
and maybe i'm glad for it
it's time i felt the pain
that i caused him
and not just him
i hurt people
i don't mean to
but still, i know i do
and that's the worst part
i am such a fucking bitch...

the fucker inside


in the fucking beginning, i wanted to fuckin' kill you. then, shit, i decided to fuckin' give you and your monkey a chance and get to know you. I should fuck your neck. now i've discoverd our mutual LOVE of snail jizz and mix tapes! swoon! if only you didn't live three hours away, we could dress all seXXXy and watch the fucking assholes at soccer practice. maybe someday i'll take you raving and we'll dance the fucking night away and you and your hemorrhoids can teach my stupid ass how in the hell to fuckin' use that really fucking brilliant murray's pomade! until then, shit, i guess i'll just have to fuckin' be satisfied with stealing your sorry live journal friends and color scheme!

if that's not love, i don't know what fuckin' is.

ex oh ex oh
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