October 23rd, 2001


livejournal sucks

i'm really just signing up so i no longer have to leave anonymous comments, but i figured i'd put at least a minimal amount of effort into the journal for the heck of it. but christ, this color scheme shit is a real pain in my ass.
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well there you have it

it only took me some 7 hours
but i finally got a color scheme
i can at least stand to look at
of course
it's pretty similar to jessica's
but that's no surprise
her page is hot shit!

so anyway
i still hate livejournal
even more so now
but i will admit
it's easy as hell to update
and i like that!
i think i may look into incorporating it
into my ipwib page
we'll see

i need something new

the joys of my new job
- confidence & happiness -
were sadly short-lived
maybe it's the sickness
but i'm so freaking lonely
sitting around the house all day
checking home pages
- no updates -
and my email
- only junk -
isn't really the way to live
how can i expect to make friends
and have a social life
if i don't even try?

i need to go back to school
meet new people
with common interests
i need to get a job
with kids my age
so i can go to the christmas parties
and not be the only one who's sober

i want to go on hot dates
- dinner and a movie -
i want spontaneity
and originality

i need something new
a new school
a new job
a new friend
a new place to live

maybe i just need a new attitude?
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