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don't do this when you're depressed. they're only more depressing

Ten years ago, I:
1. was beginning my journey toward alcoholism
2. shaved my eyebrow off because a boy said it would be cool
3. started feeling proud to be smart

Five years ago, I:
1. let my calc teacher convince me i'd never make it in college
2. threw away all my college apps
3. won several scholarships, but didn't graduate

One year ago, I:
1. dropped out of school, again
2. quit the two best jobs i've ever had
3. discovered the truth about people

So far this year, I:
1. have only quit two jobs
2. have only failed once class (so far...)
3. decided to join the navy

Today, I:
1. am going to take a final i haven't studied for since before thanksgiving
2. have to find a new job
3. am going to hate life and lie in bed all afternoon

Tomorrow, I:
1. will take another final i haven't studied for in weeks
2. really have to find a new job
3. will write checks for bills i can't afford

In one year, I will:
1. be a junior (hopefully)
2. living in this apartment if i can find a way to afford it (stripping, what?)
3. still be all alone

In five years, I will:
1. be an officer in the navy (god, that's hilarious)
2. leave this place and never look back
3. know a lot of fucking japanese

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