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not another drive-in movie

i was listening to the russ par morning show on my drive home today and they were having some kind of call-in rap battle. there was a dude frome detroit (reprasent!) who's name was badtz maru. that killed me. i mean, badtz maru is one badass little penguin, but he ain't no thug, na' mean?

my friend jim, from Shocker U, is coming to visit the week after new year's. we're going to visit the seagram's (?) distillery and also go to the boat and gamble it up. also, we will probably drink a lot of old style beer because that is his favorite. if anyone would like to join in on any of these activities, feel free. and if you can think of other adventures to take him on, please let me know! i've never entertained a guest for that long and i'm very worried that he'll have a horrible time here.

i just thought of an awesome giftmastm gift for someone. i'm very excited about making it. though, talk to me ten minutes after i start making it and i'm sure i'll sing a different tune.

and speaking of the holiday, i will be in madison dec. 25 - 26. so if there's anyone out there in LJ land who's not going to one of the awesome events on sunday's agenda, then we should meet up on saturday.

i am going on another adventure today. i am so excited. i probably won't be able to sleep.


you know, i think they tried to tell me at work today that i have to work the sunday after christmas. that's bullshit. i'm so not going to do it. they should have told me sooner. jerks.

oh! i forgot! i picked up a hitchhiker this morning. it wasn't really all that cool, since he was just going to fedex and it was only about half a mile away. plus, my car made it pretty impossible to have any sort of conversation. but, still, i'm glad i finally did it! (please, no one tell my mother.)
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