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nothing in here but a bunch of crumpled up porno mags and ayn rand

i had considered re-reading the fountainhead the other night in the bookstore, but knew i wouldn't be able to finish there in one evening. however, after reading san_yo's post about working construction, my lust for howard roark is rekindled

she asks him what it is like to work in the quarry, and he responds with what she wants to hear - he is always tired at the end of the day.

who is john galt?

so, i'm going to read it again. i'll try not to write about on here, since no one cared last time around. but i will say that i do think everyone should read it sometime.


i made a test collage on a note card. it blows. i'm disillusioned with the whole project at the moment.


i'm going a little bit crazy from this lack of sleep. i don't understand what the problem is.

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