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well fuck

i sat down to start my first christmas collage and realized that i don't have any blank white paper. awesome. hmmm... i can't very well use the back of my lecture slide handouts like i have been using for all of my other paper needs. index cards? maybe. i guess that small size will help me keep my supplies in line. damn it, though.

[things to remember when i do get paper: juxtapose, this heart b.n.m.]

also, i've been taunted with sleep all fucking day and if i don't get some shut-eye soon i'm going to go nuts. all that reading, driving and not sleeping yesterday gave me a serious case of the bleary eyes. today it has only gotten worse.

people at work kept asking me if i was high last night because my eyes were so red. i fucking wish. i'd give anything to get stoned and pass out right now. not that that ever works for me.

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(freshmen, you will be destroyed!)
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