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got caught up in audioscrobbler this morning waiting for jo3 to bring my japanese workbook back. slept for a minute, but woke up when he came back an hour later because he left his workbook and took mine (which was incomplete).

i feel so, so tired, but as soon as i get into bed i'm wide awake again. it's so frustrating. god i hate being sick!

at least i got some nice emails today. they made me very happy. unfortunately, they also made me very not sleepy. heh. oh well.

turns out my final C project isn't as complicated as i was making it, so i'll be putting that off for another few hours or a day maybe. i love that i have procrastination down to an exact science these days. it sure was terrible staying up all night in high school to do some silly project just to get a stupid B. now i can write an A paper or speech in less than three hours. programs range from 3-12 hours, but i always get 100% of the points or more. minitab and maple projects take under 15 minutes if i just go to office hours first and have some one explain the command prompts to me. and japanese compositions take about 30 minutes total to both write and translate.

i guess it would probably be better to get things done early, though. not that i would know anything about that at all.

i'd like to go for a drive today, but i can't afford the gas. that sucks. i need an adventure.

i wish i had known it was so warm out last night, i would have gone for a jog. i couldn't believe it when i walked out the door and thought, "damn it's hot." i mean, it is December, right? it has already snowed this year, yeah?

i want to find some nice roofs to hang out on on nights like those. that's one thing i really miss about madison and warren. i could climb on anything i dared to and never get hurt or caught. maybe i'm just a coward in my old age, but these big city buildings seem quite out of my league.

sorry i'm so random today.

CLUE GUESTS SO FAR: (i'll keep this on each post to let you all know and to remind others to RSVP)
me, jeff, polina, anne, emily, tracy (you're for sure coming, right?)


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Dec. 7th, 2004 10:04 pm (UTC)
I'll definitely be there. I just need directions because I don't remember exactly where Jeff's house is.
Dec. 7th, 2004 11:03 pm (UTC)
Gmail gyg your phone number and I will call you
Giving weird people on the intarweb your phonenumber is LIKE an adventure!
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