sWell (shakewell) wrote,

dreams and clue

somewhere between 2 and 3 o'clock i got some sleep. it was like an acid trip. i was on a stealth mission in enemy territory. i was waiting in some bushes lying (laying?) on my stomach. then it was like i was being dragged by my ankles only i wasn't. but the scenery fell away like i was. there was snow on the ground. all i could think about is how the enemy would surely see my tracks and know that i had seen them. i forget the rest...

attn freshmen:
i need some RSVPs for this clue party so i can pick out a mystery suitable for our group's size.
where: drjeffy parents' house in madison
when: dec. 26 - somewhere around 3 - 7pm (the game takes a couple hours to play)
what to bring: you may dress in costume though it is not encessary. maybe props. i forget now if this is a dinner party or what. i believe the games i was looking at kind of revolved around that theme, but there are many others. i certainly wouldn't be opposed to eating some of this deliscious food that you all seem to be making all of the damn time.

anyway, please just RSVP here by ummm... the 18th i guess. sooner if you can.

drjeffy, i'll send something out to the seniors and see who's interested there. i haven't even heard if anyone is for sure coming to our damn seniors party. have you? keep me posted.
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