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thanks for all the well wishes

clean, sanitized hugs to you all.

i think i truly know now what hot tub lung is. this loud, productive goose cough can go to hell. my stomach aches from too many coughs and too much getting sick. i don't think i'll be doing any crunches this week.

someone was speaking japanese in my dreams. i forget what it was all about. makudonaludo perhaps.

i can't keep anything together today. it seems with every breath my thoughts escape me and a new batch arrives. instatly they take over my mind in a seamless transition. it isn't until i reread what i have written here that i realize i've changed topics again.

there's a store (delia's?) carrying an orange crush t-shirt. i would like it for giftmastm.

i love crushing. it's hot. everything is new and exciting. mysterious. playful. i'm over serious. perhaps i will just crush and play from now on. sounds much more fun. much more safe.

and then when i am ready to settle down, i will marry whatever fool will have me. i will raise his family and he will take care of me.

god, do you see what you have done to me?

i need to eat. you gotta eat. but i don't want a repeat of lunch.

maintenance man is here. hooray. i thought for sure he'd come while i was sleeping.


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Dec. 6th, 2004 01:46 pm (UTC)
Hey I hope you get better. Read your last post you said something about people saying you don't fit their expectations. You know what? Screw them. I think you're Marvelous.
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