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/me vomits

finally made it back to japanese class after a two-week haitus. fever hit about three minutes before the lecture began. ears started ringing twenty minutes in. managed to tough it out for an hour when a convenient opportunity to leave arose.

i feel like i'm trapped underwater. every movement of every muscle is met with fierce resistance. words echo in my mind and sentences overlap into infinity. my straight paths drift left and then right again with the ebb and flow of non-existent currents.

wah. wah. wah. she says.

a lot of people seem upset with me today. they've discovered i'm not what they thought i was. but i never promised to be anything. this is where the road of lofty expectations leads. i guess we all have to learn for ourselves.

i think maybe i kind of don't really care, which leads me to believe i'm diving into another cycle of depression. i suppose this can be confirmed by other shitty things i've been doing with great fervor lately. oh well. ebb and flow. yin and yang.

all the thoughts are gone. they swam away. flushed clockwise from the bowl, leaving only pristine porcelain to mock me.
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