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madison vs. whitestown [round one]

so, last night, i met up with jo3, menlie and dave. it was a grand time. i'm glad i finally got around to going over there and being social, even if i was housed as shit.

there was a lot of talk of people i have never met, but i tried to pay attention in case, someday, i do meet them. try as i might, however, i often got sidetracked thinking about how awkward it must be for new people to enter into the ipwib circle of friends. i mean, all we are are(is?) inside jokes and old stories. but maybe that's the way all groups are. i dunno.

i tell you what, though, i'd much rather hear about total strangers than rehash the same tired drama that keeps creeping into conversations lately. always. i wish when people said they didn't care about things that they really meant it and wouldn't ask about those things ever again.

and you know... a part of me wants to be wary of these new friendships because a friend of theirs is an enemy of mine. but i've no right to tell people who they shouldn't or shouldn't befriend. however, i could make the choice to just stay away from people who befriend my enemies. that's totally lame though. on several levels. one: because my enemy was once my friend too. two: because she could be again someday if she both realizes her mistakes and is truly sorry for them. three (most importantly): i'd be missing out on what i think will be a totally stellar friendship.

i told ben once that i couldn't be friends with someone who wouldn't stand up for me (against their other friends), but i think i'd like to revise that statement now. my friends will stand up for what they consider right. even if it's not what i think is right. (and especially if i'm wrong.) and even if what's right for them isn't right for me. i'd much rather have someone tell me i'm making a mistake then let me trample all over their morals so they can hold a grudge against me for the rest of their life.

but my real friends, well, i'd like to think their ideas of right and wrong will pretty much coincide with mine. i wish i knew more like-minded people. actually, i know quite a few. i wish i got to interact with them on a daily basis instead of everyone else.

in any case, it was really great to officially make some new friends. plus, it's really cool to be able to hug someone when you first meet them (instead of shaking their hand) because you feel like you already know them so well. i think i'd like to start hugging more people in greeting, but i wonder how they would feel about that.

and i hope we get a massive snowstorm this month so i can go play in holiday park with these kids. i think that's the best idea i've ever heard.
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