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i asked for mild sauce, but he gave me the hots

what's with me and boys, eh?
how is it that i seduce people without even knowing it?
and why do i keep getting into shit when i know it's a bad idea?

it always surprises me when boys are attracted to me. i know i'm not ugly really, but i'm not exactly beautiful, either. christ, i don't even bother to look in the mirror these days. maybe the fact that i don't give a shit about my looks is attractive some people. it funny, though, because i don't bother trying to gussy myself at all up because i don't think it will help anything. have you ever seen me try to wear make-up?! funny stuff.

and besides all that, i'm under the impression that most people think i'm a bitch a lot of the time. and i agree. so what the fuck is attractive about that?

boys. i'll never understand them.
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