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being in my apartment is like playing freezeout--only there's no hope of the warm salvation of heat. people leave their coats on when they visit or demand that i let them get under the covers on my bed. or both. but i don't really mind much. i still get hot when i sleep. but i guess it does get hard to type with cold fingers (hence the lack of updates).

currently, it's about 58 degrees here in 714 b. when i got out of the shower this morning, i hadn't just steamed up the mirror, there was actually a cloud of steam hanging about in the bathroom also, while in the shower, i decided to dub my bathroom loofah city. it's sort of like soak city, but with a lot less waterslides and a lot more loofahs.


saw kinsey with spooge and bridgett kelly last night. it didn't occur to me that seeing such a movie with my brother might be weird until full frontal male nudity marched onto the screen. but, actually, i was more boggled about why this dude was just hanging out naked and having a conversation with kinsey. i thought only jocks did that, and then only in the locker room.


shit. i just remembered that my nick name used to be shaniqua.

double shit. i just remembered this semester is almost over.


i'm super-excited about playing mystery games soon. i hope it all works out.


yesterday, it was so cold at work i could see my breath. today, they had the heat on what felt like full fucking blast. of course, i was wearing all my warm stuff because i'd been so miserable the day before. i nearly died. so. hot.

i did get some more QRP points today. three perfect days in a row. deuling dirt devils, here i come! some other manager asked if she could have my points to get a gift for her godson. sure, why not? then i guess my manager heard about that and harrassed me about giving my points to him. the whole exchange we had was shitty because first of all, he didn't even say 'good job' for earning the points like the other manager had done and then secondly, he wanted them because 'there are some more things on there that [he]'d really like to get for [him]self.' what a jerk.

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