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i just took this silly clue quiz:

LJ Username
Suspect therussian
murders chuwie
with a candlestick
in the kitchen.
This QuickKwiz by tgrupert - Taken 1819 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

and then i thought about how cool it would be to play real life clue. like in the movie. like those mystery murder party games. i demand that we attempt this over winter break. (drjeffy: possibly at the senior thinger?)


i turned in my points for the quality recognition program at the x today. i got a dirt devil hand vac. yes, for free. i'm halfway to having the points for another already, but i don't especially need two hand vacs. wait! maybe i do. dueling vacuums. hell yes. (dork alert.)

anyway, all they really offer on this site is branded clothing, cordless phones, windproof umbrellas, watches and that hand vac. i may get a watch and an umbrella, but i don't really need them. i may just keep buying hand vacs because i feel like that is the most expensive item they offer and it is therefore my way of getting back at the x for not paying me much. i'll sell them on the street corner next to those fools with the nike knock-offs.

but, if anyone wants anything, just holla. they've got zip up hoodies (and i think the home hoodie even has the cutey muffin puppy on it. god, i love that puppy.) and you can't hate on a free windproof umbrella for those long treks to campus. i suppose cordless phones are also nice, if you're still living in the 20th century. (jerk alert.) and, of course, everyone needs a hand vac, right?


new episode of er this week. anyone want to watch it with me? and by watch it with me i obviously mean let me watch it at your house. i could make cheesy chicken nugget caserole. yum!

speaking of food, i've decided to stop grocery shopping beyond my means. it's totally nice making real meals every week and enjoying a nutritious and balanced diet, but i spend a shit ton of money on food. and, since i don't exactly make a shit ton of money, that spend vs. earn balance is tipping the scales toward debt these days. and i absolutely loathe being in debt.

so, back i go to the land of carbohydrates--ramen, rice and spaghetti.

and speaking of rice, i'm getting really good at eating with chopsticks. i rule.


i'm considering the navy's baccalaureate degree completion program. they'll pay for my last two years of school, i'll enlist as an officer for four years. then they'll pay for graduate degree as well.

they're are plenty of reasons not to do it. i know. but i've got to find a way to pay my bills while i'm in school where i don't have to stay up all night and work every weekend just to get by. and i really doubt that many of you fully understand my need to be financially independent from my parents at this point. i mean, technically, they're loaning me my tuition every year. so, that puts me about $10,000 in debt right now. fuckin' a. but it's not even really about my issues with being in debt. i just want them to be able to enjoy where they are in life right now--without having to make contingency plans for my life. in that totally amanda way i'm just really sorry that they ever had to take care of me at all and i want to be able to take care of them soon to make that up to them.

anyway, joining the navy gives me great incentive to minor in japanese and, if i could get sent to japan at all, that would give me the experience i need to teach with a minor (instead of a major). so, that's a plus. and it's possible that i could get some kind of teaching experience while in the navy as well.

and, if i were ever going to make it in the armed services, it would be as an officer and certainly not as an enlistee(?).

plus, those little hats own.


tomorrow, the piano arrives. i can't wait to play at eight o'clock in the morning to get back at my neighbors who keep me up after ten o'clock at night. jerks.

i still think that piano needs a name.


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Nov. 30th, 2004 03:51 pm (UTC)
drinking clue?
Nov. 30th, 2004 04:00 pm (UTC)
it seemed like such a good idea...
Nov. 30th, 2004 05:43 pm (UTC)

LJ Username
Suspect lambars
murders shakewell
with a revolver
in the dining room.
This cool quiz by tgrupert - Taken 1823 Times.
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

oh no! i'll tell jason not to do it
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 1st, 2004 09:21 am (UTC)
murder mystery and mayhem
if we can get everyone to agree to play along (and to RSVP) i'm going to buy one of these mysteries (or get it for giftmas). there are plenty of games for groups of different sizes. so we can do it for our seniors party OR (and i like this idea better) we can do it for the tail end of our seniors party and invite the freshman to join in. that way, if there were seniors who didn't want to play (fools!), they could still come to the party and be social for a minute first.

so we will definitely need RSVPs so we can assign characters ahead of time.

and we need to secure a location. depending on how many people the game includes, it might overwhelm a house already full of holiday guests. so i if madame hill doesn't mind that's cool, but if she does then we need to solicit other options from other guests.

so get back to me about inviting the freshman and the location.

i've been looking at games online all morning and i think this will be SO SO SO much fun.


once, i was going to fill up a friend's bedroom with those plastic balls from mcdonalds' play places. unfortunately, it takes a really REALLY long time to steal that many balls AND it's hard to keep them a secret.
Nov. 30th, 2004 07:40 pm (UTC)
the clue thing sounds like great fun! who do i have to bribe to get an invite? i can bring yummy vegan christmas cookies ...
Dec. 2nd, 2004 06:10 am (UTC)
you should totally come
it's dec 26th. afternoon-evening. location TBA. i'll give you more info as we figure it out.
Dec. 2nd, 2004 08:04 am (UTC)
happy noises
yay! i'm so excited! =) are we doing costumes and all that fun craziness?
Nov. 30th, 2004 08:29 pm (UTC)
Name the piano Babe, after Babe the Blue Ox.
Dec. 1st, 2004 09:24 am (UTC)
i suppose cordless phones are also nice, if you're still living in the 20th century. (jerk alert.)

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