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ER, eff x, Xmas

i was just thinking how if someone got me the second season of ER i could have an ER marathon (mERathon, if you will) and demand that everyone wear scrubs or hospital gowns. and i could say things like "next disc... STAT!" and "take one slice of pizza orally."

unfortunately, i don't know many people who could sit through such an event--even with those hilarious one-liners.


so i'm sure i told you all about how fedex lost my swell hoodie somewhere in maryland and i had to reorder the damn thing. well, now, i've come to find out they delivered this second hoodie three weeks ago (but not to me) and didn't leave a sticker on my door. so i called my leasing office yesterday to see if they had it there. the guy was all like "oh, no, we only got one package in today and it wasn't yours." and then he tried to hang up on me. so i explained that it was delivered three weeks ago. so he tells me that after three weeks fedex usually picks the package back up to return. he said he couldn't tell me if i'd ever had a package there. so then i asked him if he could tell me if there was someone in my building with the last name Lee, because that's who signed for the box. nope, of course he can't tell me that. then somehow he comes to tell me that there is in fact an entire room there at the office where they keep packages that haven't been picked up. so could he tell me if my box was in that room? no. he was with customers. could he take my name, look for my box and call me back? no. i have to come in just to have someone look and see if it's there. fucking slouchebag eggasses. i swear!

i'm so frustrated with this whole situation that it makes me not even want the hoodie anymore, which is stupid, because it fucking rules!

what's really awesome is that i now have $100 of debt sitting on my credit card ($50 for each hoodie) and not a damn thing to show for it. and even if i file another claim with fedex, it will be 2 more months before i actually get a refund. awesome. stupid awesome!


maybe i just haven't got that giftmastm spirit yet, but this year i don't even care about the stupid holiday. i can't afford to buy gifts for anyone because so many people owe me money. i can't even think of what to buy for them if i could afford it, because i really haven't seen anyone in months.

plus, as with the rest of my life, i just really don't care anymore. nothing i do will ever mean as much to anyone as it means to me. so, why bother?

and as for what i want this year, realistically--nothing. honestly, i want debts repaid. i want to be free of all my obligatory relationships. i almost want records, but i know it will be a waste cuz i'm a sucker dj. i want dvds so i can just veg out at home instead of seeking entertainment with other people. i want my dad to find a job. i want my parents to buy a house. i want someone to take of my sister. i want a job that pays as good as fedex but isn't 3rd shift. i want satisfactory academic progress. i want someone to fix my burning software and my cell phone. i want a new name plate on my mailbox. i want someone to fix the brakes on my car for free. i want 4 gallons of paint for the rest of the apartment. i want a little cash for when my friend jim comes to visit so we can go to the boat. i want the stupid plama place to get the fuck over it and let me donate here. i want to go to the strip club and learn how to shake my ass like a pro.
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