sWell (shakewell) wrote,

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set adrift on memory bliss

i just had one of the most amazing dreams ever. so, so many of my friends were out dancing with me. but the one weird thing, was that everytime i danced with someone, their significant other showed up and muscled me out of the picture.

i did some lucid dreaming this morning too. that was pretty interesting. added a whole other's movie worth of plot to the end of the truman show.

but before all of that, it was mostly just him. a lot of nothing, but the calm, peaceful nothing that means so much to me anymore.

oh, and levi king was always in the hot tub and always surprised to see me outside of my own apartment.

and, now, on to programming... if you're around send me a message today and tell me something to cheer me up. i will need it. desperately.
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