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list any 20 facts about yourself.

20. i love unconditionally.
19. i prefer spaghetti-o's cold.
18. i was committed to a mental hospital.
17. i only wear bras about 10% of the time. no one notices.
16. i created an underground newspaper at my high school.
15. i taught myself to play six different musical instruments.
14. i cheat on tests even when i don't need to.
13. i spent two grand on my bed. (twice what i spent on my car)
12. i listen to one song on repeat for days at a time.
11. i have fibro cystic breast disease.
10. i play dumb becuase my mom resented my intelligence for a long time.
09. i don't even like math.
08. i never follow instructions. (i rarely even read them.)
07. i have never been dumped.
06. i hold back because i don't think i can live up to my dad and brother.
05. i can't eat meat that is still on the bone.
04. i cannot stand knowing that there is a surprise in store for me.
03. i speak to myself in foriegn languages to stay awake while driving.
02. i know that to have an honest opinion, you have to first make a judgement.
01. i have lost faith in the basic goodness of mankind.

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