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yes, i am this bored.

seven things that make you laugh:
[1] southpark
[2] chuwie
[3] stewbot
[4] getting hit on while i'm telemarketing
[5] awkward situations
[6] my exboyfriends
[7] my old journals

seven things you love:
[1] ER
[2] marching band / color guard
[3] caffeine free dr. pepper
[4] socks
[5] quality music
[6] effective writing
[7] road trips

seven things you hate:
[1] expectations
[2] madison, in
[3] drunk drivers
[4] overdraft fees
[5] debt
[6] obligations
[7] shame

seven random good things:
[1] mail
[2] collages
[3] mixed tapes
[4] hugs
[5] honking at other cars like yours
[6] sleepovers
[7] milla jovovich

right now you are:
[1] lonely
[2] wishing i hadn't forgot my toothbrush in bloomington
[3] wondering where i can get a free brake inspection
[4] enjoying caffeine free coca-cola classic
[5] trying to remember where the advil is
[6] singing songs from moulin rouge
[7] watching rock 'n' jock football

seven facts about you:
[1] i always look behind the shower curtain when i go to the bathroom
[2] i've kiss-kissed 30+ people
[3] i'm a quitter
[4] i only shave my legs when i think i'm going to get some play
[5] i like pink's new song
[6] i cheat on everything, without evening thinking about it
[7] i'm scared of growing up

seven things you can do:
[1] raise one eyebrow at a time
[2] play piano
[3] a reverse dive
[4] drive a stick
[5] type 52 wpm
[6] seduce you
[7] hand code a web page

seven things you can't do:
[1] dance
[2] eat meat with bones in it
[3] slam dunk
[4] take a joke
[5] make myself vomit
[6] relax
[7] speak german


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Feb. 4th, 2002 08:06 am (UTC)
I enjoy hitting on telemarketers. I think one was going to accept my proposal.

...and a Coca Cola product can not be "Classic" if it's caffeine free.
Feb. 4th, 2002 08:12 am (UTC)
i agree
i actually enjoyed being hit on. i don't get sweet talked in real life.

and i agree about coke classic, but i got that straight from the can! seems wrong to me, but that's just the way it is.
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