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dear ladies,

please come dance with me this thursday night. it will be such a good time. it won't be like other clubs where EVERY guy hits on you, cuz talbott street is a gay club. and it won't be like other bars where they play all that billboard top bullshit because this fabulous house djs will put that groove right into your butt!

normally, my presence isn't a selling point for an event, but, this time, it is because i can't dance. so, if you can dance at all, you will look SO good next to me.

plus it's only $10.

i really don't want to go alone. a ladies night sounds like tons of fun. but if i am forced to dance with that hot ass boy from evolving records because i'm all alone, well... so be it!

for real though... you should all come. kradams, seabreezefeet, beatfreak, menlie, tracibop7, huggy23, fa1ry_g1rl, etc.

and, boys, you can come too. but you'll just make me not want to dance. so, you know, do what you gotta do.

and i don't want to hear that you're too busy! you don't know busy at all! in fact, i will be leaving this party and going directly to workies. and from there, to my other job. and of course this is all after a full day of classes.

damn it. just somebody come ok? i hate going into gay clubs alone.

maybe i'll even buy the first round?


Nov. 16th, 2004 05:47 am (UTC)
well i wish you were here to go with.

if you're ever back this way, we should go. and then you can make tarah hang with me too!

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