sWell (shakewell) wrote,

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upside-down margaritas

well i must make this quick
kat says i'm taking too long on this here interweb
i say
fuck you and your yankee blue jeans
work was good today
i took some painkillers about 20 minutes into my shift
and managed to avoid a headache
thank god!
i maybe even made commission today
which is pretty bomb-diggity

i had a bunch of things to rant about
but i'm just not in the mood right now
i apologize
i know these here's what i did today updates
are super fucking lame
but so am i
get over it

if i ever get the interweb at my place
i'll get some better updates for you kids
until then
you'll just have to email for more info
or snail mail me!!

you know where to find me.
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