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rarin' to register

i don't know why i never thought of putting my towel in the dryer while i shower before. mmm... so cozy.

finally registered for classes today. 18 credit hours. monday through thursday. i think i'll keep the same schedule at the testing center (fridays and saturdays 'til 2). it's going to be a long time before i have a life again. *sigh* at least, after this semester, i can be admitted to the teacher education program.

anyway, here's the rundown:
first-year japanese 2
multivariate calculus
discrete mathematics
american culture and education
history of western civilization 2

three new tables will be settling into the apartment today. the two famed turntables, of course, and a new kitchen table. this works out extremely well, since, if not for this third table, i'd be spinning records on the stove or something.

god i can't wait to play with all my new toys!

i'm so not going to class today... well, i guess i'd better get some homework done then and rest up before the big event.

i'm thinking about maybe actually doing something this evening. like, with real people. out side of this house. i dunno... it's just a thought. maybe someone would join me in watching ER on their television? ha.
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