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details forthcoming

i just inherited a sweet collection of 45s from my old boss at wendy's. there are so many great hits in there. it's going to take some time to catolog them all, though.

also, i picked up some real silly vinyl at goodwill this afternoon. highlights include: the beverly hills cop soundtrack, the count counts and multiplication rocks.

the vast amounts of shitty records by barbara streisand, barry manilow, kenny rogers and donny osmond that are found in every goodwill store i've ever been in give me hope that, someday, the american public will realize what shit they've been collecting in the lives (stupid laws, beliefs, presidents) and will kick them all like the bad habits they are.

more on these topics friday: electoral college? yes, as is. states, who needs them? redistricting? perhaps? fetusses have rights but students don't? wtf?!
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