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>>>despite several offers, my votergasm pledge was not fulfilled last night. thank you, mother nature. (crime scene sex? no thanks!)

>>>11 new bans on gay marriage, eh? well at least cincinnati finally got around to repealing their 1993 ban on gay rights laws. one step forward, 11 steps back. can you see how this is going to turn out?

>>>the measure didn't pass in colorado, but i am wondering if proportional electoral voting isn't better than the current winner-take-all system.

xxx rant deleted xxx

>>>a lot of people are talking about moving out of the country. excuse me, are you fucking stupid? you'd actually be throwing your constitutional rights out the damn window.

as you put it, there is a war on terror right here on our own soil. you all talk about how you can't stand the lies, arrogance, etc. that W purveys, but you would just walk away because he won this election?

who cares if he won the popular vote fairly this time? if you don't like what he is doing, fucking say so--loud and proud. march on washington, write your congressman, call a radio/tv news show, pen an editorial. do something to prove that you are not happy with the way things are going and you are not going to stand for a president or a governement that tramples your rights. a country at rest appears either satisfied or apathetic, but a tumultuous country of protests and demonstrations shows the world that it is fed up and frustrated.

if you roll over now, you let the terror of the ultra-conservative government win. they will infringe upon your rights and the sheep that voted for them will think that you must now agree with their stance, because you provide them no opposition. it will snowball and you will then be powerless to stop the sick machine until something really terrible happens.

you know, i'm not even all that anti-bush (mostly because i'm hardly pro-kerry), but it really upsets me that people who were so adamant about the importance of this election's issues would just let it all go today.

i guess being political isn't all that trendy after nov. 2. you fucks. people like you are exactly why i don't think the president should be elected by a popular vote.

i'd better stop before i go to far.
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