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by the powers vested in me by the almighty internet...

... i pronounced them james and chelsea thur. congratulations again to you both!

if you ever have the opportunity to officiate a wedding for one of your oldest friends, i suggest you do so. it's a really amazing part to play in their lives.

and it was so fabulous to have the old gang (minus banjo, plus trysta(sp?)) back together again. it's unbelievable how strong the bonds are after so much time and distance has separated us all.

and today i saw larry happy for the first time in a long time. and i was so happy to see him so. not sad or jealous or envious. just happy.

i love the person i've become.

and i love that i know i will always have these people to support me in whatever i do. i only wish that we had more opportunities to be together all at once aside from weddings, funerals and regattas. well, i suppose all i have to do is make some plans.

today i was reminded of what love really is. and friendship. and gratitude.


i didn't catch the bouquet. in fact, i ducked to avoid it. i hadn't planned on doing anything of the sort, so i find that interesting.

well, i haven't really slept at all this weekend (except for that half hour during team america, so that's all for now.


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