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phone phone doesn't do it justice

i drove past this half-collapsed abandoned school on my way home from work today. i really wish i could have taken some pictures.

i wonder which i want more, turntables or a camera.

if i could stop buying records for a hot minute, i could just charge me some dj gear on that damn mastercard. i think i need to set on my no-decks-wax collection. like, i cannot allow myself to have more than 30 records if i still don't have anything to play them on.

i think i'm going to cry when that first batch gets to the apartment and all i can do is look at them. lol.

maybe i'll just buy one turntable to start. hahaha. shit.

i need a CC sponsor like an AA sponsor. i should call them every time i want to charge something i don't have the cash for. it would have to be a boy. my dad would be good. but i just wouldn't call him. i'm so bad.
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