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ju-on-na think of a funny subject line?

i will never, EVER call my dad before an exam again. i called today for a quick question about a logic problem. it was a long problem, so it was hard to do over the phone anyway. but he just wouldn't listen to me about what i actually need to do, so he was making it so much more long and involved than it needed to be. he ended up making me cry because i was so frustrated (and feeling so stupid). i told him to call back if he figured it out. so, he calls back a few minutes later and says, "well, i think you're making it too difficult. you really just need to do this ..." I KNOW!

well, so that question wasn't even on the fucking exam. so i wasted time just thinking about it. and then since i was so upset, all the reviewing i had done this afternoon was completely nullified. i know i missed at least one problem that i had down pat before that phone call.

oh well. all the more reason to be self-sufficient.

in other school related news, i finished my stats homework for the first time since the first assignment today. i think i may have even done them correctly, too. that's not to say i understand how to do them. i just know how to follow examples.

also, my quiz grades seem to be inversely proportional to the number of lectures and labs i attend. i don't know how that works, but it sure is nice to take a break from that monotony.


the wedding is this weekend. i'm stressed about the gift, the ceremony, the guests. eek eek. still, i'm excited for kat and thur (or chelsea and james as the rest of the world calls them now). also, i'm looking forward to dressing up. i just hope the weather stays tolerable.

if anyone has any easy, relatively inexpensive (<$50) gift ideas, PLEASE let me know before saturday.


people at the ex are under the impression that something is dreadfully wrong in my life. apparently, i have "a look." i'm glad. now, i can get away with not saying a word all night long. i don't have to laugh at their stupid jokes or even answer their questions.

sometimes, if i think someone is going to make an effort to interact with me, i think about the night i let my cat accidentally and she was run over by a vw bug. the look i get on my face then never fails to stop them in their tracks.


i watched ju-on last night. completely un-scary in every way! i didn't gasp or jump or anything. the movie didn't really make any sense to me, but it was still somehow predictable. oh! how i wish that just once in my life i could suspend disbelief for a minute and get scared of these tales.

eh. at least it had cute asian girls in school uniforms. and that sound, too. (which goes perfectly with dead face, i might add).



my sentence fragments are disgusting me today.


last night was the perfect combination spoons, heat and tempur material.

but, the boy scouts had it right: always be prepared.

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